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Client testimonials

Sue Bell of Susan Bell Research in Sydney has this to say about the brand names that Naming Right Solutions created for two of her newest offerings:

I found Naming Right Solutions to be a very valuable service. In fact, I have used them twice. I particularly appreciated Mahesh’s ability to create a name that worked strategically but which was also imaginative.

Mahesh understood my brief, answered all my questions, and was easy to work with.

Teresa, a corporate trainer turned cuisine coach shares her experience:

Chicken or egg? Business Plan or Business Name, which comes first?

I knew the what, why, how, who of my food-based business, but there was one key ingredient missing – that could hold it all together – the right business name.

I spent weeks asking family, friends and online forums for ideas. Lots of names were tossed around but none seemed quite right. I was getting frustrated until I met Mahesh from Naming Right Solutions.

I was impressed with Mahesh’s ability to interpret my brief, think laterally and add meaning to everyday words. The name Mahesh came up with was just brilliant.

It appealed to me instantly and I knew would resonate well with my target customers. It also said something about me as a person.

The name helped me to gain clarity in my own thinking and determine what was really important to the business. The chicken and egg have now combined to make a perfect recipe for building my business.

I received 5-star service and best of all a 5-star name! Thank you very much, Mahesh.

Jodie Williams, Sound weaver and Wordsmith says:

My admiration and endorsement of Mahesh’s professionalism, insight and clarity has stemmed from my initial involvement as Chairperson of the Norfolk Island Branding Committee in 2008-9.

Together with the Norfolk Island Tourism, Mahesh repositioned and re-branded the island, ‘The World of Norfolk’. It was ingenious.

As a graphic designer, I further understood from being involved in this process, of the absolute necessity for a strong foundational message to be formulated before the creative design stage begins. This gives a design that extra ‘edge’ in our world which is truly saturated by products and services all vying for attention.

Following my return from my 2013 Churchill Fellowship, I began dissimilating the wealth of research I had gathered. It was overwhelming. But slowly, a new venture began to take shape of a way to share my research with my community here on Norfolk Island. And even though I knew how I wanted to run the new venture and bring it to life, I could not find the ‘right words’ to label it.

Luckily I was aware of the perfect person to step in at this point: Mahesh wearing his ‘Naming Right’ hat.

And once again, it was a case of my being too close to the forest to see the trees! Mahesh has an amazing ability to encapsulate exactly the message/name you knew you were looking for, without really knowing what it was… ?

His sensitivity and insight create that ‘perfect’ combination of words which may have a distinct rhythm or relate to a powerful metaphor, or feel ‘just right’…. is a rare gift.And this gift is one which now resounds in my new brand, ‘The Sound of Musings with Jodie Williams’. Perfect.

I am confident and excited about the next stages of my new venture, knowing the foundation and message is strong and anchored. I am ready to fly!

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